We provide innovative solutions to our clients in their industrial investments...

Industrial structures may appear to be buildings which are simple to analyze; however, the truth is they are not that simple. The client demands that the system followed in the design of the industrial facility to be efficient enough in order to match the production procedure. This, as a matter of fact, makes the industrial facility designs more complicated.

We stay at the forefront of technology and innovative ideas that will help our clients to meet these challenges. Our experienced industrial engineering team work which is highly close with our clients, experts, researchers help us to deliver more cost-effective, sustainable and functional facilities.

Prota provides architectural and engineering design services for industries including cement factories, gypsum and drywall production facilities, mining and crushing/sieving plants, steel profile factories, heavy and light concrete prefabricated production facilities, electrical element factories, juice factories, power plants, cold stores, meat processing units, packaging facilities, combined cycle natural gas plants and coal plants, flour and pasta factories, transformer and energy structures, and large warehouses.

In addition to architectural and engineering design services, seismic design, system-mechanics-equipment selection and procurement, feasibility studies, cost and quantity estimations,  preparation of technical specifications, construction quality management and supervision services are also undertaken by Prota.

We also offer qualified expertise in the highly specialised area of regulatory compliance.