R & D

R & D 1

Development of Rapid Assessment Method and Forms for Earthquake Prone Buildings and Pilot Study

Prota’s business principles are  built on the notion of promoting innovation. Therefore, Prota considers  each project as a case study in  research and development.

We offer innovative engineering solutions  to our clients by providing R&D Services in our R&D Office located in Middle East Technical University Technology Development Centre.

Prota has conducted a number of R&D projects in collaboration with a teams of experts,  academicians, and public authorities belonging  to architecture, planning, and engineering disciplines.

Prota accomplished some R&D Projects financed by The World Bank under the scope of Marmara Earthquake Emergency Reconstruction Project (MEER), such as “Integration of Earth Science Data  to Spatial Planning”, “Development of Planning and Urban Design Standards in Disaster Risky  Areas” and “Building Code Enforcement Analysis”.

Prota has recently conducted a project financed by the World Bank namely “Prioritization of High Seismic Risk Provinces and Public Buildings” in association with individual sub-consultants who are the expert academicians. In the scope of the project prioritization methods were developed for the high seismic risk provinces and public buildings.

In addition to the research projects in planning issues, extensive feasibility and research studies, development of methodologies, standards, techniques in disaster risk mitigation field have been conducted and implemented by Prota: Feasibility Studies for Retrofitting of 369 Residential Buildings in Istanbul, Social and Economical Impact Assessment for Retrofitting of Residential Buildings, Development of Rapid Assessment Method and Forms for Earthquake Prone Buildings and Pilot Study, Urban Renewal Planning and Preparation of  Local Action Program and Initiatives on the Historical Building Stock at Istanbul Fatih District  for Guiding Reconstruction, Rehabilitation  and Strengthening as Part of Enhancing Earthquake Safety Plan, and Risk Assessment Method Development, Structural Analyses for Timber and Masonry Buildings located on the Marmaray Commuter Rail System Route.

Prota has undertaken various research studies so far and shared the findings by presenting these studies in national and international conferences  such as World and European Conference on Earthquake Engineering, such as 2002 ECEE, 2004 WCEE and April 2006, 8th National Conference on Earthquake Engineering in San Francisco and 14 WCCE Conference in Beijing, China.