Founding Partners


Design and consultancy services in engineering require investigation, innovation, enrichment of knowledge, and effective, accurate, and economical implementation of scientific principles. It also requires an objective and unsparing attitude complying with the ethical norms of the profession.

Ever since the establishment of Prota on 25th of February 1985, the achievement of scientific excellence in engineering practice has been our number one goal. The highly inventive solutions that distinguish Prota’s services today have their roots in the pursuit of excellence that has become a company principle.

As societies evolve, their needs and demands evolve correspondingly. We believe that Prota’s mission within this cycle is to foresee future needs and develop effective and reliable solutions. Hence our motto is: “Reinforcing the Future”.

This mission, of course, entails an innovative outlook at every step of the way. We consider our most valuable resource to be our team. In this respect, our fundamental goal is to train honest, inquisitive, and innovative team members who revere the past, and to advance in our journey within this team spirit.

It is for this reason that Prota employs a management policy that focuses not only on customer satisfaction but also on the professional development of its staff within an environment that adopts the “Sincere at Relations, Responsive at Work” spirit. Thus, continuous in-house training is an essential feature of the Prota tradition.

We believe that every project in Prota constitutes a case study, wherein recent scientific developments are explored, state-of-the-art technologies are reviewed, and consequentially, alternative solutions are developed so as to satisfy customer demands. We believe that our 35 years of experience grants us with the hope and ability to continue hand-inhand with our business and solution partners in our journey for “Reinforcing the Future”. 


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