Industrial & Energy

A systematic design approach integrating theoretical and practical engineering knowledge within the process.

Generally, the client’s requirements are based on efficiency, economy, and close compliance to the production processes. These requirements, as a matter of fact, makes the industrial facility designs rather complicated.

With regard to industrial buildings, Prota adopts a systematic approach that integrates theoretical and practical engineering knowledge, and employs a method that analyses different types of structural systems together with its essential subsystems. The centralized procedure we employ in the design of industrial facilities is to develop integrated solutions that perceive the complicating factors which influence structural stability, security, and serviceability.

Prota Engineering has been following this approach to design numerous industrial facilities in a wide range of business sectors in the last 35 years. The facilities that Prota have designed and engineered include power plants, combined-cycle natural gas and coal plants, cement factories, gypsum and drywall production facilities, mining and crushing/sieving plants, steel profile factories, heavy and light concrete prefabricated production facilities, electrical element factories, juice and concentrated juice factories, cold storages and meat processing units, packaging facilities, flour and pasta factories, transformer and energy structures, and large warehouses.

In addition to the process design, Prota also carries out the architectural, structural, mechanical, and electrical, infrastructural, and landscaping designs of a facility. In addition to architectural and engineering services, consultancy services for system-mechanics-equipment selection are also undertaken by Prota. For almost all the projects designed and managed, feasibility studies, cost and quantity estimations, technical specifications, and procurement consultancy services are provided by Prota. In some cases, Prota provides construction quality management and supervision services during the construction of the designed facilities.

To provide the most cost-effective architectural solutions that achieve the highest process efficiency, Prota employs many of the structural system solutions available for industrial structures such as prefabricated concrete, reinforced concrete, steel, cabled suspended structures, composite, pre-stressed, and post-tensioned reinforced concrete systems.