As part of its traditional approach for innovation, Prota has developed and contributed to many research and development activities and studies since its establishment.

Based on this principle, Prota has conducted several research and development projects voluntary. For this purpose, Prota has been improving its R&D office in METU Technology Development Center by developing new techniques, methods, and software.

In addition to the research projects in planning issues, plenty of feasibility and research studies, development of methodologies, standards, techniques in disaster risk mitigation field have been conducted and implemented: Some examples are, Feasibility Studies for Retrofitting of 369 Residential Buildings in Istanbul, Social and Economic Impact Assessment for Retrofitting of Residential Buildings, Development of Rapid Assessment Method and Forms for Earthquake Prone Buildings and Pilot Study, Urban Renewal Planning and Preparation of Local Action Program and Initiatives on the Historical Building Stock at Istanbul Fatih District for Guiding Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Strengthening as Part of Enhancing Earthquake Safety Plan, and Risk Assessment Method Development, Structural Analyses for Timber and Masonry Buildings located on the Marmaray Commuter Rail System Route.

One of the projects we conducted with our project partner from New Zealand was awarded for the silver award by the Association of Consulting Engineers New Zealand (ACENZ) organization.

Prota plays an active role, and voluntarily participates in several workgroups for the adaptation of Turkish Standards to European Union Norms in several areas such as construction engineering, construction management, and construction materials standards. Moreover, Prota played an active role during the preparation of the guideline on ‘‘Assessment of the Buildings to be Constructed in Seismic Risk Areas’’.

Prota Engineers and architects regularly present their research and development studies at national and worldwide seminars, conferences, and symposiums. Furthermore, Prota conducts educational events in which Prota experts present lectures about their innovative research and development studies and share their ideas and knowledge with thousands of people around the globe.