Business Principles


Being one of the pioneers in the Turkish engineering and consultancy sector, Prota employs business, and management policies and professional values that were developed along the way. Today, ‘‘Prota’s Principles’’ focus not only on customer satisfaction but also on the professional development of its staff within an environment that adopts the “Sincere at Relations, Responsive at Work” spirit.

Using its vision as a springboard, Prota aims to fulfill its social responsibility obligations by maintaining the motto, “Reinforcing the Future”. Prota’s objectives have been to provide services that are effective in the consultancy sector on both national and international levels, that ensure high-level customer satisfaction, and that utilize the latest technologies.

As a FIDIC member, Prota is liable to follow business policies compliant with the FIDIC Code of Ethics.

As Prota, we hereby commit ourselves to:

  • Improve our knowledge and skills by following technological and scientific developments.
  • Focus on research, development, and renovation projects.
  • Offer reliable and timely services.
  • Meet the latest quality standards in our projects and working units.
  • Strictly conform to in-house training policies at all levels.
  • Maintain a managerial strategy that encourages innovation and integrity and extending team spirit in this direction.
  • Ensure high-level customer satisfaction.
  • Achieve customer dependency.
  • Abide by national and local environmental policies and current environmental management standards in all of our activities.