METU Dormitories, Ankara

Metu Ankara 1

The capacity of the dormitory is 604 beds

Metu Ankara 2

In total 177 schools and pension buildings were assessed seismically

Since its foundation, METU as an international research university has been the leading university in Turkey.  The university gives education for both national and international students. The METU Isa Demiray Dormitories  provides accommodation in METU Campus with a 604 beds capacity.

The dormitory designed with a total closed area of 10,300 m². The dormitory buildings were made of steel structural system. As of right now, there are 148 rooms with living units for 4 students and 6 rooms with living units for 2 students.

Prota provided complete design services for the dormitories including architectural, structural, Electrical and mechanical designs.


  • LocationAnkara, Turkey
  • ClientMiddle East Technical University
  • Total Construction Area10,300 m²
  • Term of Contract2001