Feasibility Study for Seismic Retrofitting of 369 Residential Buildings

This project, funded by a World Bank loan as part of the Marmara Earthquake Emergency Reconstruction Project, has undertaken the seismic assessment of 369 mainly 5-storey apartment buildings in the Municipality of Bakırköy, İstanbul.  The building materials have been sampled and each building measured so that it can be analysed to determine its performance in a M 7.2 scenario event some 12 km away.  A retrofit solution has been designed and costed for each building, the cost-benefit ascertained, and the residents have been consulted as to the suitability/acceptability of the retrofit scheme proposed.  This is an innovative project internationally which is likely to be replicated by cities worldwide facing a similar risk to İstanbul.

The Beca Prota Joint Venture Team has provided 100% of the professional and technical staff required for this project. 

Geological and geotechnical assessments, earthquake risk assessment, social impact assessment, and cost and benefit analyses, preparation of preliminary and final retrofit designs and detailed retrofit drawings for each building that are decided retrofitting is feasible.


  • LocationIstanbul/Turkey
  • ClientTurkish Prime Ministry Project Implementation Unit (PIU)
  • Total Closed Area551,000 m²
  • Term of Contract2005-2006