Erzurum Healthcare Campus

The Erzurum Healthcare Complex is the largest medical complex in eastern Turkey and located at the centre of Erzurum City in Turkey next to the existing Erzurum Region Research and Training Hospital. The campus is comprised of hospital buildings and auxiliary health units covering more than 201,000 m² and over 1600 patient beds.

The campus includes Obstetrics, Gynaecology, and Maternity Hospital (300 bed), Oncology  Hospital (150 bed), Chest Diseases Hospital (150 bed) and a Cardiovascular Hospital (150 bed).

Prota provided consultancy services for structural design using base-isolation system. Structural models were created and structural analysis were conducted using Prota’s in-house development software called ''ProtaStucture" formerly known as Probina Orion. 

Base Isolation Design of the Hospital

Seismic base isolation is the most well known and proven way of keeping structures safe and immediately in service after major seismic activities.  Although it was widely practiced in some countries like USA and Japan, it is still a new and an unknown system in Turkey.

Erzurum Medical Campus has been designed as one of the world's largest seismic isolated hospital with a total of 1,600 bed capacity. The campus consists of five blocks.

Structural design were developed to meet effective and efficient serviceability after a probable earthquake in Erzurum. More than 1,200 earthquake isolators were used to minimize the earthquake risk. It is targeted that any probable earthquake will have no damage effect on any critical medical equipment, the operability of the building premises and medical equipments as well as building services like sanitary, medical gas, fire protection are to be maintaned.

Our engineers presented a research paper called “Seismic Isolated Hospital Design Practice in Turkey: Erzurum Medical Campus” about this hospital project and presented in the World Conference on Earthquake Engineering in September 2012 which was held in Lisbon, Portugal.


  • LocationErzurum, Turkey
  • ClientThe Ministry of Health
  • Capacity1600 bed-capacity
  • Term of Contract2011
  • ArchitectAymaz Architecture