Sanko Mosque

The Sanko Mosque, built by the Konukoğlu Family in Gaziantep, is candidated to be among the most magnificent places of worship in the world. Designed by architect Hilmi Güner, the mosque has a closed area capacity of 25,000 people. The mosque, which has 4 minarets with a height of 163.60 meters, has a dome diameter of 82 meters and a dome height of 120 meters. There are 7 porticos in the mosque, each of which is almost the size of a city mosque, with a seating area of 20,600 m². The size of the courtyard in front of the mosque is 20,000 square meters.

Structural design, BIM and consultancy services of the mosque, which has a total closed construction area of 53.000 m2, are carried out by Prota Engineering.