Prota Celebrated Its 28th Anniversary With an International Symposium

Seismic Isolation Methods and Practices symposium was held at Middle East Technical University (METU) Convention Center on the 28th of February and 1st of March 2013 with the attendance of 270 people. The symposium was organized by Prota with collaboration of METU-Technopolis. World’s most reputed scientists on seismic isolation came together to share their experiences and knowledge with the selected Turkish and International administrations, private/public company managers and scientists. Prota has broken new ground becoming the first consultancy firm in Turkey by celebrating its anniversary with a scientific event.

The two-day symposium program includes technical presentations, demonstrations, panels and discussion sections. Key note speakers are Dr. Ian Aiken (USA), Dr. Gianmario Benzoni (Italy), Prof. Dr. Gian Michele Calvi (Italy), Prof. Dr. Murat Dicleli (Turkey), Prof. Dr. Mustafa Erdik (Turkey), Prof. Dr. Michael N. Fardis (Greece), Prof. Dr. Polat Gulkan, Dr. Renzo Medeot (Italy), Nobuyuki Mori (Japan) and Prof. Dr. Haluk Sucuoglu (Turkey).

During the opening session of the symposium, Danyal Kubin delivered welcome speech and highlighted the importance of the symposium as it has been the first on seismic isolation in Turkey. Mr. Demir İnözü, ATCEA President, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Acar, Rector (President) of Middle East Technical University (METU), Turkey, and Prof. Dr. Peyami Battal, Rector (President) of Van Yuzuncu Yil University, Turkey, made opening speeches.

The Symposium is organized in four sessions including total 10 presentations. The symposium booklet can be downloaded from the following link:

Symposium booklet

Presentations of the key note speakers presented during the symposium were:

Day 1 - February 28, 2013 Thursday

  • Prof. Dr. Haluk Sucuoğlu, Turkey

Fundamental Concepts of Seismic Isolation

  • Prof. Dr. Mustafa Erdik, Turkey

Determination of Design Based Earthquake Ground Motion for Base Isolated Structures

  • Dr. Renzo Medeot, Italy

Recent Progress on Development and Application of Seismic Isolation, in Italy and Worldwide, and Conditions for its Correct Use

  • Prof. Dr. Ian Aiken, USA

An Overview of Seismic Isolation in the United States

Day 2 - March 1, 2013 Friday

  • Prof. Dr. Polat Gülkan, Turkey

Trial Ground Motions for Seismic Isolation: How Many?

  • Prof. Dr. Michael N. Fardis, Greece

Seismic isolation principles and practice in the context of European Standardization

  • Nobuyuki Mori, Japan

Seismic Isolation; Evolution and Applicaiton in Japan

  • Gian Michele Calvi, Italy

Isolation systems for rapid reconstruction and strengthening of existing buildings

  • Murat Dicleli, Turkey

Developments in Deismic Isolation and Energy Dissipation Systems and Specific Applicaitons to Improve Seismic Performance

  • Gianmario Benzoni, Italy

Characterization of the performance and durability of full scale seismic isolation and energy dissipation