Turk Telekom Headquarters Building

Seismic Performance Enhancement of Istanbul- Gayrettepe Turk Telecommunication Building by using Damping and Energy dissipation Devices project was performed in 2014.

Energy dissipation devices are employed in order to improve the seismic performance of 24 stories high existing Gayrettepe Turk Telecom Building located in Istanbul using steel hysteretic dampers.

A total of 120 damping units are provided in the building with eight (8) buckling restrained axial dampers (BRAD) in each story.

In the project 240 steel hysteretic dampers with steel bracing were used on 8 floors at the façade of the building.

Turk Telekom Istanbul building is the first structure which the seismic performance is increased by implementation of steel hysteretic dampers.


  • LocationIstanbul, Turkey
  • ClientTurk Telecommunication Inc.
  • Construction Area21.000 m²
  • Term of Contract2014