Ministry of Youth and Sports – Indoor Olympic Pools and Sports Facilities

Ministry of Youth and Sports

Prota provided structural design of two olympic pools and sports hall

The project consisted of 2 olympic swimming pools and sports hall&facilities  located in Diyarbakır and Hatay.

Prota provided structural design of Hatay Sport Hall and Facilities in 1993. The project  consisted of two parts; 1500 spectators capacity sport hall and the recreation facilities having a total construction area of 5,500 m².

The structural design of Diyarbakır Olympic Pool were performed by Prota in 1995. The total construction area is 12,000 m² and spectator capacity is 3,000. The olympic pool has been renovated according to new Turkish Earthquake Code in 2007. The renovation project was prepared by Prota.

The other project is Hatay Olympic Pool performed for Ministry of Youth and Sport in 1996. The project with 2,500 spectator capacity has 9,100 m² construction area.


  • LocationDiyarbakır, Hatay / Turkey
  • ClientMinistry of Youth and Sport
  • Total Closed Area26,300 m²
  • Term of Contract1993, 1995, 1996
  • ArchitectMerih Karaaslan