METU Dormitories, Cyprus

 METU Dormitories 1

We produced an efficient design using 3D modelling for the dormitory buildings

METU Dormitories 2

Safety was the major consideration in our design

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Dormitory District of METU Northern Cyprus Campus covering 120,000 m² is situated on southern hillside of campus area. Dormitories accommodates 6000 students. This large complex, has become a real “student village” having more population than many local villages around.

For the first phase having a total closed area of 14,000 m².the steel and R/C structural projects of the dormitory buildings have been performed by Prota.

The scope of our project covered;

  • structural engineering services,
  • infrastructure and quantity estimation services.


  • LocationGüzelyurt, Cyprus
  • ClientMiddle East Technical University
  • Total Construction Area14,000 m²
  • Term of Contract2005
  • ArchitectTektonika- Semra Teber