Mersin Çağdaş Medicine Centre

Mersin Cagdas Medicine Centre

Prota provided architectural and engineering designs and construction supervision services

Mersin Çağdaş Medicine Centre was planned as a full-fledged hospital with a capacity of 110 beds. The hospital, which is is located in Mersin, has 3 modern surgery rooms, polyclinics, patient monitor and intensive care units, hemodyalisis units, laboratories, closed autoparks, emergency units and other annexes. The hospital had a total of 10,500 m² total construction area.

Prota provided whole design services (architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering designs), cost estimations, preparation of technical specification and construction supervision services.



  • LocationMersin/ Turkey
  • ClientÇağdaş Medicine Services Inc.
  • Total Construction Area10.500 m²
  • Capacity110 Beds
  • Term of Contract1998-2000