Marmaray Commuter Railway Haydarpasa Storage Area

Renovation of historical Haydarpasa storage area was planned within the scope of Marmaray CR3 contract. The storage area will be constructed to store vehicles of Marmaray Commuter railway. 

In Haydarpasa Storage Area, there will be a total of 57 lines. The project covers an automatic vehicle washing outer, two new atelier buildings, 32 parking lines for trains, an open area covering 425.000 sq. meters and renovation of the existing atelier building.

Renovation of the existing train circulation line along with two bridges is also included within the scope of the project. According to these bridges and the environmental planning, construction of two new stone bridges is included within the scope of the project as well. The storage area is planned to take into operation by the end of 2018.

Within the scope of the project, Prota’s services include;

  • Track-way Alignment Engineering and Railway Design
  • Highway Route Design
  • Architectural Design
  • Structural, Geotechnical and Tunnel Design
  • Electrical and Electromechanical System Design
  • Mechanical Engineering Design
  • Fire Safety Engineering and Control System Design
  • Acoustic and Vibration Design
  • OCS Traction Force Design
  • Interface Management
  • Infrastructure Evaluation and Displacement Studies
  • Bridge Design
  • Renovation Design of the Existing Buildings



  • LocationIstanbul, Turkey
  • ClientKolin - Kalyon - Cengiz Joint Venture
  • Total Closed Area425.000 m²
  • Term of Contract2018