Consultancy Services for  Retrofitting Design of Selected Public Buildings in İstanbul (CB1.3/D)

This project, funded by a World Bank loan as part of the ISMEP Project, has undertaken the seismic assessment of 121 campuses with a total of 234 blocks, mainly school buildings and a few numbers of other public buildings in İstanbul.  The building materials have been sampled and each building measured so that it can be analysed to determine its performance at two different levels of seismic input. A retrofit solution has been designed and priced for each building, the cost-benefit ascertained, bidding documents are prepared. Total assessed area: 401,458 m² and total area designed for retrofitting is 396,808 m².
Prota provided consultancy services for: 
  • Assessment of buildings
  • Preliminary design of strengthening for buildings assessed as suitable for retrofitting
  • Final design and preparation of bidding documents
The assessment phase included a survey of each building’s structural elements using available data, measurements, and destructive and non-destructive testing. It also included an investigation into the foundations and site-specific geological and geotechnical conditions. The data from these used for three-dimensional structural analyses of the buildings using verified programs.  
A condition report (architectural, electrical and mechanical) for each building also prepared. For buildings which met minimum concrete strength and vertical load versus capacity criteria, preliminary retrofit designs (including cost comparisons) are produced for alternative schemes. 
Finally, retrofit designs have been prepared for the selected alternative. Bidding documents prepared for the buildings to be retrofitted. A project-specific methodology is developed for the assessment and design of school buildings. 


  • LocationIstanbul/turkey
  • ClientIstanbul Governorship, Istanbul Project Coordination Unit (IPCU)
  • Total Closed Area401,458 m²
  • Term of Contract2007-2008