Historical Buildings in Fatih, Istanbul

Tendered by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Prota's scope of works were composed of performance analysis, seismic performance evaluations and building survey of 284 numbers of various historical assets (mosques, theological schools, tombs, convents churches, libraries, baths, fountains, churches, synagogues, urtenances and etc.). Prota also provided retrofitting and renovation design services for the 20 selected strcutures, The Project is carried out under “Urban Renewal Planning and Preparation of Local Action Program and Initiatives in Fatih District Guiding Reconstruction, Rehabilitation and Strengthening as Part of Enhancing Earthquake Safety Plan”.

In this study, a procedure for measuring, recording and assessing the seismic vulnerability of historic masonry buildings in Fatih has been developed. In addition to the preparation of inventory and survey designs, Prota has resolved to develop an additional information database with regards to the structural features of each building’s load resisting system.  A specific approach has been developed. The procedure is construed as a first tier method for a rapid survey of historic buildings. Its accuracy is similar to the methods developed for buildings.  Development of Analyses Methodology for the rapid assessment of the historical assets and modelling for structural analyses were also completed by Prota.


  • Locationİstanbul, Turkey
  • ClientIstanbul Metropolitan Municipality
  • Term of Contract2006-2008