Edirne Keşan State Hospital

Edirne Keşan 150 bed capacity State Hospital located in Keşan District of Edirne Province. Architectural design of the hospital is carried out by the Architect, Mr. Akdemir Öğün from Kulpa Müh. Taahhüt ve Tic. Ltd. Şti. Structural system of the building is appraised after the architectural design and dimensioned after necessary structural analyses and calculations are finalized.   

Hospital building is comprised of a single block. Due to the constraints of mechanical members, 30 cm of mushroom slab system is preferred to prevent any reduction in respective floor heights.  Beams are only placed at the external boundaries of the building. Building loads with respect to the use of purpose are applied by considering the architectural design constraints.

There are two isolation planes in the building designed as seismically isolated.  Main isolation plane is stated on the columns of the first floor. On the shear walls except the elevators, isolation plane is again at the top level.  There are two planes at the elevator shear walls which are located at top and at the bottom. 


  • LocationEdirne, Turkey
  • ClientMinistry of Health
  • Total Closed Area35.000 m²
  • Term of Contract2014