Founding Partners


The company was founded by Danyal and Joseph Kubin, having worked together since 1985.

Danyal Kubin is the Managing Director of the Company.  He graduated from Middle East Technical University (METU) in 1984 and he received his master’s in  Building Sciences from METU, which he completed in 1988. Danyal Kubin, one of Turkey’s leading structural engineers is an active member of Association of Turkish Consulting Engineers and Architects.

Joseph Kubin is the President of the Company. In addition he leads R&D activities of Prota. He graduated from METU in 1979 with a Civil Engineering degree. He received his master degree in Earthquake Engineering from METU in 1983. He is one of the first Earthquake Engineering expert in Turkey and has deep experience in that area over 20 years. He is the developer of structural analysis software “Probina Orion” used by more than 3000 firms worldwide.